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What We Do

InfoTech Labs (ITL) is utilizing the benefits of cutting-edge information technologies to create mobility solutions for future societal problems. Based in Mountain View, Calif., ITL is focused on improving the experience of mobility, exploring potential changes in societal needs and people’s behavior.

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It pursues ways to deliver differentiated experiences through deep personalization. ITL designs the connected end-to-end solutions and services to make this future a reality, utilizing the resources of vehicles, infrastructure and emergent technologies to provide tangible benefits to the public.

ITL’s applied research addresses:

  • Global infrastructure,
  • Edge computing,
  • Software architecture,
  • Vehicle Communication,
  • Cybersecurity,
  • Urban mobility,
  • Digital Twin,
  • Cooperative Sensor-Fusion,
  • data/ML platforms, and
  • Intelligent Connected Mobility

Following 18 years as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Toyota InfoTechnology Center in Japan, ITL became part of Toyota Motor North America R&D in 2019. Its work utilizes the resources of vehicles, infrastructure and emergent technologies to enable stress-free mobility of people and goods.


Kenichi "Kent" Murata headshot.

Kenichi “Kent” Murata

Vice President
John Kenney headshot.

John Kenney, Ph. D.

Director, Core Connected Technologies / Intelligent Connected Systems
Kentaro "Ken" Oguchi headshot.

Kentaro Oguchi

Director, Advanced Development & Planning
Alex Pham headshot.

Alex Pham

InfoTech Labs Chief Architect, Infrastructure & Data Platform Solutions
John Daly headshot.

John Daly

Senior Manager, Future Society & Mobility Vision

Kenichi “Kent” Murata

Kenichi “Kent” Murata is vice president and head of InfoTech Labs (ITL), where he spearheads society-oriented innovations through cross-functional collaboration.

He is responsible for the lab’s strategic growth and efficient management of all the necessary resources for ITL operations. He constantly thinks about how ITL can contribute to better society by Toyota’s major shift toward software-first and mobility and managing the directions and target domain of research that needs to be addressed.

Prior to joining ITL, Murata worked as an engineer in the electronics engineering field for more than 10 years at Toyota’s headquarters in Japan and U.S. Most recently in Toyota Europe and Toyota Connected Europe, he was in charge of all connected businesses, such as product planning and development management, as a senior manager in the connected technology/business field.

Murata holds a Master of Science in Engineering Science from Osaka University.

John Kenney, Ph. D.

John Kenney is director of InfoTech Labs’ Core Connected Technologies (CCT) Group, which supports the mission of connected mobility with research on vehicular communication and cybersecurity. He also directs InfoTech Labs’ Intelligent Connected Systems (ICS) Group, which researches Toyota’s next-generation mobility services and connected vehicle platform.

CCT’s work encompasses Vehicle-to-Everything communication, cooperative automated driving, cybersecurity attack modeling and defense, millimeter wave communication, channel congestion control, spectrum sharing, pedestrian safety, vehicular knowledge networking, and international standards.

ICS’s work focuses on building and prototyping end-to-end systems architecture using Model Based Systems Engineering concepts to research future connected technologies, such as edge computing, digital twin, predictive analytics, personalized ADAS, and cooperative sensor-fusion.

Kenney represents Toyota at IEEE 802.11, IEEE 1609, SAE, ETSI, the Car2Car Communications Consortium and other standards organizations. He also works with research colleagues at various universities.
Prior to joining Toyota, he was a senior research engineer at Tellabs, an adjunct assistant professor at the University of Notre Dame and the campaign manager for a successful U.S. House of Representatives election.

Kentaro Oguchi

Kentaro Oguchi is director of InfoTech Labs’ (ITL) Advanced Development & Planning Group, which creates intelligent connected vehicle architecture that takes advantage of novel AI technologies to provide real-time services to connected vehicles for smoother and efficient traffic, intelligent dynamic parking navigation and vehicle guidance to avoid risks from anomalous drivers.

His team also develops Proof-of-Concept prototype systems of next-generation services for current and future connected vehicles, including in-vehicle systems for object/human detection powered by AI, and cloud system combinations for dynamic presentation of real-time information on-road.

Additionally, Oguchi leads ITL’s activities to seek technologies and startups that may offer benefits for future Toyota vehicles or services.

Prior, he worked as a senior researcher at Toyota Central R&D Labs in Japan.

Oguchi holds a Master of Science in Computer Science from Nagoya University.

Alex Pham

Alex Pham is chief architect of InfoTech Labs’ Infrastructure & Data Platform Solutions Group, which oversees research, design and building of reliable, scalable and robust global infrastructure and data platform. 

He leads research and evaluation of many new and emerging technologies and works closely with technology, data center and infrastructure vendors and partners to identify new and innovative solutions that will enable Toyota to realize its connected car and mobility society vision quickly and cost-effectively. 

Prior to joining Toyota, Pham held a number of senior and executive roles in technology, product and management at global technology and financial service firms, including Visa Inc., SanDisk, Silicon Valley Bank and Veritas.  

Pham holds a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and Statistics and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from San Jose State University and a Master of Business Administration from National University. 

John Daly

John Daly is senior manager of InfoTech Labs’ Future Society & Mobility Vision Group, where he manages an interdisciplinary research team that identifies and breaks down root causes of a vast array of societal problems through a mobility lens and develops product and service ideas to suggest ways Toyota could offer solutions.

He leads a team of experts in computer science, neuroscience, psychology and business – a combination that allows group solution proposals to reflect a deep understanding of evolving consumer behaviors and to come with extensive consideration to appropriate business and revenue models.

Prior to joining Toyota, Daly worked at the Japan External Trade Organization’s New York office as assistant director of Public Relations and assistant director of Business Development. He also worked as a coordinator for International Relations at Miyakonojo City Hall in Miyazaki, Japan, and in the East Asian Studies Department of Harvard University.

Daly holds a Bachelor of Arts in Japanese Language & Literature and Asian Studies from Connecticut College. At present, he is pursuing a Master of Science in Foresight from the University of Houston’s College of Technology.


If you are interested in a job at ITL or another AMRD Group, visit Toyota’s career portal.


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