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We strive to share as much or our research as possible, with the hope the automotive industry can benefit from the findings of our safety advances. Explore our projects, and discover what we work on.

Photo of driver abruptly stopping.

Passenger Response to Abrupt Evasive Maneuvers

Human Factors, Projects

This study observed volunteer passengers experiencing unexpected abrupt evasive maneuvers, including hard braking and swerving. Our goal was to understand passenger responses to abrupt vehicle maneuvers, to inform the development of onboard safety systems.

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Driver Modeling in Transfers of Control From Conditional Automation

Human Factors, Projects

We conducted a naturalistic driver study to understand how drivers interact with automated systems in everyday commuting, examining periods where a driver is likely to be highly vigilant along with incidents where driving task may be in low demand.

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Photo of a car approaching a deer.

Animal Pre-Collision System PCS Test Scenarios

Active Safety, Crash Avoidance, Projects

A study to develop testing protocols for automotive PCS designed to prevent and mitigate animal-related vehicle crashes by examining crash data, collecting and analyzing naturalistic driving data, and radar scanning deer in order to better establish test parameters.

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Guidelines for Development of Evidence-Based Countermeasures for Risky Driving

Active Safety, Crash Data Analysis/Data & Analysis, Projects

With GuDEC, we’ve created guidelines for risky driving countermeasures based in evidence, guided by behavior change theories, and leading to sustained behavioral change in drivers who regularly engage in risky or unsafe driving.

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Photo of car headlamps.

Adaptive Headlamp System Benefit Estimation

Crash Avoidance, Projects

Measure the response characteristics and estimated benefit with respect to reduction in injury/fatalities of adaptive headlamp systems that highlight detected pedestrians and bicyclists using both a driver and pedestrian/bicycle simulator study.

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Investigation of In-Vehicle Cardiac Monitoring and Severe Event Prediction

Human Factors, Projects

Determining what safety systems should be implemented to mitigate accidents related to cardiac events, including driver warnings upon possible event detection and then a slowing of the vehicle and eventually full stop if no response is given.

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