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We strive to share as much or our research as possible, with the hope the automotive industry can benefit from the findings of our safety advances. Explore our projects, and discover what we work on.

Photo of a stop light in a busy city.

A Systems Approach to Interactions Between Driving Automation and People

Crash Data Analysis/Data & Analysis, Projects

Provide theoretical and mathematical framework of how drivers communicate at an intersection.

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Photo of woman having a relaxing car ride.

Naturalistic Observations and Simulation of Communication Between Road Users

Human Technology Integration, Human Factors, Projects

Identify what kind of communication we have with other road users (e.g., pedestrians, other vehicles) with cutting-edge technology of computer vision.

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Man sitting in the passenger seat of a vehicle with his seatbelt on.

Non-Driving Occupant Posture and Activities in Moving Vehicles

Human Factors, Projects

The objective of this project was to increase the scientific understanding of typical front-seat passenger postures through a naturalistic study observing in-vehicle behaviors.

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Photo of person using the driving simulator.

Motion and Muscle Activation of Young Volunteers in Evasive Vehicle Maneuvers

Human Factors, Projects

The objective of this study was to quantify key adult and child occupant kinematic, kinetic and muscle responses from sudden evasive vehicle maneuvers. This data is useful to develop future tools to better assess injury risk in crashes preceded by crash avoidance.

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Photo of car headlamps.

Adaptive Headlamp System Benefit Estimation

Crash Avoidance, Projects

Measure the response characteristics and estimated benefit with respect to reduction in injury/fatalities of adaptive headlamp systems that highlight detected pedestrians and bicyclists using both a driver and pedestrian/bicycle simulator study.

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Investigation of In-Vehicle Cardiac Monitoring and Severe Event Prediction

Human Factors, Projects

Determining what safety systems should be implemented to mitigate accidents related to cardiac events, including driver warnings upon possible event detection and then a slowing of the vehicle and eventually full stop if no response is given.

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