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Team Member Spotlight – Noah Einstein

TM Spotlight

Photo of Noah Einstein smiling

IVS is starting a new spotlight series to shine light on our hard-working team members. For this month we would like to introduce Noah Einstein. He is a Senior Software Engineer in IVS group ASD2. He recently received a patent in Oct 2021. His patent covers logic developed to determine if a vehicle is on a highway or surface road. This decision enables hands-free driving for customers. He also holds a new position as the Communication Lead for the Toyota Technical Group.

Before joining Toyota, Noah grew up in Cleveland, OH and completed both his undergraduate and graduate degrees in mechanical engineering at The Ohio State University (Go Bucks). Aside from his passion for new technology, he is a sports junkie, an avid runner, and movie / show connoisseur.   


What is your role with Integrated Vehicle Systems and how long have you been with the company? 

Before starting full-time with Toyota in 2019, I completed four co-op rotations- Digital Engineering, Partner Robot Group, Vehicle Platform Development, and Integrated Vehicle Systems [IVS]. I currently work in Automated System Development within IVS, primarily working on proof-of-concept application software development.  

What is your proudest moment at Toyota/IVS? 

While I was a Toyota co-op, I was extremely impressed with the robustness of the co-op program and the professional skills I absorbed. I then had the opportunity to mentor two co-op students while full-time in IVS, and this quickly solidified my passion for education outreach / mentorship. I am currently involved in R&D’s Toyota Tech Software Group- a group with the purpose of increasing team members’ software comfortability. I look forward to additional outreach / mentorship opportunities in the future!  

What has been your favorite project to work on? 

Recently, I completed logic development of Road Classification Judgement, a function that will help allow customers to drive hands-free on the highway. From this activity I not only developed and managed my first production application, but I was awarded my first patent, increased networking with our TMC counterparts, and matured as a professional engineer. This project allowed me to grow in many areas, and I look forward to the next activity! 

How do you define success? 

I define success as one’s ability to set concrete goals while making every effort to achieve them. 

People would be surprised if they knew “what” about you? 

I have been playing piano since I was five! 


IVS wants to recognize Noah’s contribution and thank him for his efforts to support our customers. Thank you Noah!