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Meeting Of The Minds- A Webinar On Human Cognition & Behavior In Automated Driving Systems


Toyota’s Collaborative Safety Research Center in Ann Arbor (MI) is working on forward-thinking human behavior research that will impact autonomous driving technologies, policies, standards, and the human experience. Moreover, it will impact how we teach and educate drivers on autonomous technologies and mobility options, so we use them safely and efficiently, particularly as we age. Toyota’s Human Technology Integration (HTI) projects are enabling us to better understand human cognition, perception, and behavior, with a special emphasis on understanding how Automated Driving Systems (ADS) should be integrated to achieve maximum safety and efficient use. John Lenneman will present multiple projects and findings from HTI’s applied experimental psychology work which includes “on the road” behavioral research with drivers who have recently bought cars with AV features, neuroergonomic work using driving simulators and virtual reality, and survey work aimed at gathering end-user opinions of ADS.

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